Welcome to the Cortecon

This resource provides a number of different views into expression data captured in the developing cortex.

Current Data Set: CORTECON: A Temporal Transcriptome Analysis of In Vitro Human Cerebral Cortex Development From Human Embryonic Stem Cells. van de Leemput et. al, Neuron (2014), view the paper online at Neuron
Data Downloads (for use in R): Minimal R Session(18Mb), Full R Session(149Mb), Sample R Interaction Code(49Kb), R session test case(39Mb), Mouse cortex data(6Mb).
Data Download (from the Gene Expression Omnibus): Series GSE56796.

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Thank you for your interest in the CORTECON. The CORTECON is developed and maintained by the Neural Stem Cell Institute. Find out more about us at neuralsci.org.

To contact us regarding the CORTECON send an email to cortecon@neuralsci.org